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Holy Cross Hospice


Gingindlovu, South Africa




Holy Cross Hospice ensures the highest quality of life possible for individuals and their families facing a life threatening illness.

  • 25 Voluntary Care Givers providing care to over 2607 Orphans

  • We have One Professional Nurse

  • We have NO Social worker

  • 1050 Child Headed Homes [2607 + Orphaned children]

  • 2607+ Aids Patients in the Home Based Care System

  • A feeding scheme for 3880+ per month.

  • Support to Orphans & vulnerable Children (OVC)

  • Maintain a crèche facility for 314 children

  • One 23 year old Bakkie for transport needs

  • We struggle daily for clean drinking water at the Hospice

  • All the above without charging or turning away anyone in NEED

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